The Beer Bandolier (Patent Pending) is the best thing to happen to tailgating in the new millenium. Its sleek and efficient design allows you to keep up to 6 beverages chilling within your reach at any moment. It will revolutionize the way you tailgate allowing you to roam free instead of being tethered to your base camp.

The Beer Bandolier is constructed of high test industrial strength 2'' wide nylon webbing to support a full clip of canned beverages. Six collapsible koozies provide maximum storage and chilling capabilities, collapsing out of your way when empty. The beer bandolier is available in nearly all colors in order to properly match your tailgating uniform.

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We at encourage responsible drinking. This is a novelty item that will enhance your tailgating experience and may make you a tailgate MVP, but we still encourage you to drink responsibly.

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